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The Bulawayo Cookery Book is Zimbabwe's earliest cook-book and contains recipes from the 'great and good' of the settlement of Bulawayo in 1909. Biographical notes on a handful of the contributors are listed below:

Mrs. Byers
Mrs. Norman Chataway
1865-1936; b. Louise EDGAR, Dublin
Mrs. Crake
Mrs. Clement Dixon
Mrs. Clarkson Fletcher
Mrs. P. Fletcher
Miss B. L. Fynn
Major R. Gordon, D.S.O. "Boomerang" Gordon; stalwart of the Bulawayo Club; Australian-born. Raised the N. Rhodesia Vols in WWI.
Miss Henderson
Miss Hendrie
Mrs. Heyman 1852-1944. b. Frances Patton IMPEY; m. Col. Sir Melville Heyman of the BSAP.
Mrs. P. G. Hunt
Mrs. Geo. Johnson
Mrs. LeFeuvre Wife of one of Bulawayo's doctors.
Mrs. J. Macdonald
Mrs. Murray
Mrs. R. H. Myburgh
Mrs. Nanson
Mrs. Nash
Mrs. Puzey
Mrs. Selmes
Mrs. R. M. Townsend
Mrs. Tonge
Mrs. Vintcent Hester Vintcent; wife of Sir Joseph Vintcent, sometime Administrator of S. Rhodesia
Mrs. Sly
Mrs. Ll. Webb
Mrs. Franklin White
Mrs. Wilson
Mrs. Winslow