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The Bulawayo Cookery Book is Zimbabwe's earliest cook-book and contains recipes from the 'great and good' of the settlement of Bulawayo in 1909. Some of the contributors are listed below, and you can find out some more about them here:

Miss Hodges
Mrs. Norman Chataway
Mrs. Geo. Johnson
Mrs. Vintcent
Mrs. R. H. Myburgh
Mrs. Nanson
Mrs. Heyman
Mrs. P. G. Hunt
Mrs. Nash
Mrs. J. Macdonald
Mrs. Franklin White
Mrs. Clarkson Fletcher
Mrs. Tonge
Mrs. Sly
Mrs. Wilson

Mrs. Selmes
Mrs. P. Fletcher
Mrs. R. M. Townsend
Mrs. Crake
Mrs. Winslow
Major R. Gordon, D.S.O.
Mrs. Puzey
Miss B. L. Fynn
Miss Henderson
Mrs. Clement Dixon
Mrs. Byers
Miss Hendrie
Mrs. Murray
Mrs. Ll. Webb
Mrs. LeFeuvre

For the convenience of prospective purchasers, here is a list of contents:

Hors d’oeuvres.   
A Simple Hors d’Oeuvre.   
Bulawayo Savoury.   
Tomato and Cheese.   
Browning to Colour Soups and Gravies   
Celery Soup.   
Children’s Favourite Soup.   
Economical Brown Soup.   
Milk Soup.   
Julienne Soup.   
Mulligatawny Soup.   
Pea Flour Soup.   
Potato Soup.   
Vegetable Marrow Soup   
A Continental Method of Frying Fish.   
Fish Cream with Shrimps.   
Fish Mould.   
Halibut Pie.   
Creamed Lobster.   
Lobster Rissoles.   
Salmon Loaf.   
Tinned Oyster Pie.   
Brains Au Gratin.   
Creamed Chicken.   
Chicken Rolls.   
Curried Puffs.   
Jugged Beef Steak   
A Hot Weather Entree.   
A Good Luncheon Mould (or Entrée).   
Wakefield Steak.   
Joints, etc.   
Hints on Boiling Meat.   
Beef Roll.   
Breast of Lamb and Peas.   
Shoulder of Mutton Stuffed.   
Chicken Casserole.   
Southern Way of Cooking Ham.   
Beef Neapolitaine.   
Steamed Beef.   
Puddings and Sweets.   
Handy Measures.   
Apple Batter Pudding.   
Apple Fool.   
Apple Mould.   
Auntie’s Pudding.   
Banana Cream.   
Banana Trifle.   
Baked Swiss Pudding.   
Boiled Pudding.   
Brown Pudding.   
Caramel Junket.   
Chocolate Junket.   
Egg Jelly.   
Fairy Pudding.   
Fat Rascals.   
Fig Pudding.   
Five Minutes Pudding.   
Fruit Salad.   
Iced Fruit Salad.   
German Tart.   
German Puffs.   
German Pudding.   
Ginger-Bread Pudding.   
A Simple Jelly.   
Lemon Creams.   
A Spanish Sweet.   
Baked Lemon Pudding.   
An Economical Lemon Sponge.   
Lemon Sago.   
Lemon Soufflé.   
Orange And Lemon Trifle.   
Marguerite Pudding.   
Marmalade Pudding.   
Magdala Puddings.   
Nottingham Pudding.   
Plum Pudding. 
Plum Cake.
Scotch Shortbread.

Orange Pudding.   
Lemon Water Ice.   
Pumpkin Fritters.   
Richmond Pudding.   
Railway Pudding.   
Rum Omelet.   
Sponge Fritters   
Soda Pudding.   
Tipsy Cake.   
Venetian Pudding.   
Yankee Pudding.   
Boules d’Or.   
Crème De Fromage.   
Celery Cream.   
Cheese Savoury.   
Cheese Soufflé.   
Cheese Straws.   
Egg and Cream Savoury.   
Eggs au Gratin.   
French Rolls.   
Ham Toast.   
Mayonnaise and Egg Savoury.   
Potato and Cheese Savoury.   
Sweet Potato Chestnuts.   
A Simple Savoury.   
Tomato Toast.   
A Good Savoury from Stale Cheese.   
A Dainty Savoury.   
Things to Remember.   
Breakfast, Luncheon and Supper Dishes.   
A Good Porridge.   
American Salad.   
Breakfast for One.   
Chicken Pasty.   
Children’s Dinner Dish.   
Durham Cutlets.   
Fish Kedgeree.   
Hot Pot   
Minced Ox Kidney on Toast.   
Meat Roll.   
Mince Pie.   
Scalloped Mutton and Tomatoes.   
Potato Puffs.   
Potato Salad.   
Tomato and Mutton Stew.   
Scotch Eggs.   
Vegetarian Brawn.   
Bread, Cakes and Biscuits.   
Boer Meal Biscuits.   
Fairy Biscuits.   
Plain Rusks.   
Plain Fruit Loaf.   
Albert Cake   
Bachelor Cake.   
Banana Cake.   
A Very Good Brown Cake   
Chocolate Cakes (ced).   
Cocoanut Cakes.   
Cocoanut Cones.   
Drop Scones.   
French Wafers.   
Filbert Cake.   
Fruit Cake   
Genoa Cake.   
Very Cheap Ginger Loaf.   
Ginger Bread.   
Hard Times Cakes.   
Lord Zetland Cake.   
Old Testament Cake.   
Oven Scones.   
Orange Cake.   
Plain Cake Mixture         
Seed Cake.   

Lemon Jelly Cake.
Nice Tea Cake.
Raspberry Buns.
A Novel Sponge Cake.
Sponge Cake.
Sultana Cake.
Victoria Sandwich.
Filling for Sandwich Cakes.
For Making Jam Sandwich Roll.
Sardine and Olive Sandwiches.
Various Fillings For Sandwiches.
Pickles and Preserves.
Recipe for Canning Fruit.
Inexpensive Apricot Jam.
Preserve (Green Apricot).
Green Fig Konfyt.
Lemon Essence.
Lemon Cheese.
Lemon Mincemeat.
Orange Marmalade.
Mealie Pickle.
Naartje Konfyt.
Pickled Quinces Or Pears.
Rosella Jelly
Ripe Tomato Jam.
Tomato Chutney.
Mrs. Lionel Phillips’ Grape Juice.
Pickled Green Tomatoes.
Cooling Drink for an Invalid.
Home-Made Ginger Beer.
The ‘Knock-Out.’
Mint Lemonade.
Lemon Syrup.
Lime Juice
Roman Punch.
Iced Café-au-Lait.
Van Der Hum.
Tea Cup.
The Zambesi Cocktail.
Almonds, Up-To-Date
Cocoanut Ice.
Cocoanut Ice.
Russian Toffee.
Turkish Delight.
Walnut Creams.
Walnut Toffee.
Invalid Dishes.
Hydropathic Pudding.
Mock Omelette.
Nutritious Coffee.
Rusk Pudding.
Tapioca Cream.
Vermicelli Jelly.
White Wine Whey.
Veldt Cookery.
Ducks à la Polynesia.
Curried Lobster.
Dop Flame-Pudding.
Johnnie Cakes à la Queensland.
Mealie Meal Fritters.
‘Sudden Death.’
Veldt Pie.
Boot, Floor and Furniture Polish.
Furniture Polish.
Stain for Floors.
Stain For Floors.
Homely Remedy for Burns And Scalds.
Remedy for Flies.
Cleaning Blinds.
A Novel Cushion.
Mint Sauce From Dried Mint.
For Preserving Colours in Washing.
For Taking Out Stains.
To Restore Furniture Badly Smeared.
Three Useful Hints.
Hints for Camping Out on Cold Nights.
To Make a Housekeeper.